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Low prices have a high cost.

Will your grandchildren have a better life than your grandparents?
Once again, we are coming into the silliness here in the United States, known as the Presidential campaign season;

Choosing evil is still choosing evil.

It's like deciding between being shot or being stabbed by a mugger, either way, you are still harmed.
As a Teddy Roosevelt style conservative, whose ideology is shaped by classical liberal thought, Anglo-Saxon Heathen common law and some bit of chaos theory, I have deep trouble finding anyone in either of the two "major" parties that is distinctly different in effect from each other.

Take back America, vote the bums out.
A pre-WW I map of the (as then defined) racial makeup of Europe.

My ancestors were a mixed lot: from White Russian and Don Cossack in the East to Irish in the West - Italian in the South to Norwegian in the North - and German in the Center, and interconnecting points in between.

I am all of them, but They were not me, nor anyone else now living.  They have my love and my pride in Their parentage.
Above found at "The Whitehouse: Officious Gift Shop" on Cafe Press.
I'm not in full agreement with them,
but they do deserve a plug for the graphic.
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