Poems on sundry matters
Footsteps North
Piparskegg UllRson
(Written 23 July, 2250 RE)

Uller's son, I am called,
by the shave pates, Steven.
overlong they held me,
they hold my Bloodkin still.

One of their scholar priests
taught more than Church would want,
of Life beyond this Life,
from Past, to Now and On.

He spoke of heart and Mind,
of Honor, Word and Deed,
he set my thoughts a-wing,
to find what Church had hid.

I stayed inside the fold,
a dog becoming Wolf,
there came the day I left,
alone and without Troth.

My steps ranged far and wide,
through Dark and Light I trod,
crossing In and Uten Gards,
I sought for Faith and truth.

A wizard then a witch
magician and adept,
agnostic, deist, Zen,
pantheist, then, myself.

With purpose clearly set,
an inner vision shared,
a time of cleansing thought,
in sweatlodge hot and dim.

I closed my eyes and strode
beyond Midgard that night,
to skin clad hunting lodge,
a guest by fireside.,

A huntsman studied me,
I returned gaze for gaze,
his eyes sought mine and held,
he nodded, smile gave.

Again I sat with friends,
in hut now dark and cold,
we went neath starry sky,
for torchlit blessing rite.

Those friends have gone their way,
as I have travelled mine,
to find the Hunter's name,
and earn the smile's worth.

My footstep headed North,
my Kinlore to explore,
to follow Bow Man's path,
to find from whence I came.

My grasp of Kinlore grew,
I came to know Bow God,
His Holy Kin and Kith,
and words of wisdom fair.

The Yew Lord spoke no words,
I heard him anyway,
a worthy life to live,
upon the Middle Earth.

By Honor, Word and Deed,
by Guest Right and byStrength,
by Holy Uller's Ring,
a Man of Troth at last.
Star and Earth

Crimson fingered Dawn
ignites the eastern sky.
Upon the village forge,
soft coal is piled high.

Wellaran, Master Smith,
will set it all alight.
Seven days, seven nights,
until the heat is right.

To heat Skystone and Steel,
so Star and Earth can meld,
so Hammer can shape Blade,
as many layers weld.

By Master and his men,
the halls of Sleep aren't seen.
Drawing, quenching, honing,
the Blade takes on a sheen.

Tis long and broad and sharp,
this Child of Star and Earth.
Excaliber was brought,
by Fire and Man to birth.


Tighearn Alasdair Morgan of Clan Gunn
(24 Ostara 898 VR - 1989 CE)
(A poem I wrote for an SCA newsletter,
Alasdair being my SCA persona.)
Uller Bede

[My first effort at including poetry in Offering.]

Old Father glides, across the snows
bone shoes a gleaming
sends sharp piercers,  to redden pelts
meat for the larder

on the High Seat, Eldest is Chief
Friend Har is roaming
Witness to Oaths, Judge to Duels
and Forelorn Battle

Snow Sender sends, Light Bearer brings
Yule Lord gifts us
Balder Friend laughs, ;spirits to raise
Helheim is mirkless

Shield Sailor speeds, across the froth
whaleway to conquer
Plague Breaker breaks, Sight Seer sits
Wisdom to gather

Yew Lord, Bow God, Fur Wearer, Os
Uller the Unknown
Thor Fosterson, Skadi Husband
Father to Teiwaz

God you may be, or Giant Kin
perhaps something else
and I, your son, will Honor give
respect to render
An Image of Skathi
Piparskegg UllRson
(based on UPG)

Skathi strode forth, longbow in hand
Hearth and Husband, house left behind
off to the woods, wasters to slay
Giantess Bold, Warden of Beasts

Wolves pace abreast, guarding Her flanks
sniffing the breeze, yips to guide steps
Steward of Prey, treads lightly now
wasters ahead, Death comes to them

Men without need, slay rough coat stag
seeking only, horn for the wall
meat left to rot, pelt cut to shreds
laugh over drink, crude jokes they make

Blood drinking reeds, fly from Her string
black hearts are pierced, wasted themselves
blood into ground, feeding the Earth
life force is used, stag runs again

Skathi and wolves, run on and on
wasters to find, black lives to end
home to Yewdale, day's work is done
Hearth and Husband, peace for the night

[written in reponse to a kinsman's request about my thoughts on Skathi,
since I write so much about Uller]
The Visit
(Fall Turning 1000 VR - Ullerblot poem)
(1st Stave repeated as the Burden.)

Sing we proudly, the Bow Lord!
Uller guide hand and eye.
Sing we proudly, the Bow Lord!
His voice in arrow's flight

Winter is harsh, weeds out the weak
Lest they be part, of well-knit clan
Hearth fires warm, protect them all
Old ones and young, all of them kin

Village is bound, snow piled high
Hunters are home, larders are bare
Bellies are slack,some taken ill
Elders have met, Offering's made

Mead woven tales, deeds of the hunt
Praise for the prey, and the Old One
Words go awing, speed through the air
Fall on sharp ears, rightful plea heard

Snow Sender strides, on boneshoes wide
Hoarfrost glistens, shrouds the woodland
Branch antlered stag, puffs misty breath
Beast Slayer sends, life stealing thorn

Fur Wearer stands, within the garth
calls to the folk, come share this prize
man and woman, lad, lass and babe
share the gift, of Forest God

Clan Warder speaks, blessing to give
tells of the shoes, deep snow to tread
to help themselves, through mortal deed
praises to Him, Teacher of craft

Across the rime, Leather Clad Os
strides to the trees, from sight is lost
clan folk again, turn to the feast
mead horns are raised, once more in praise

Winter is harsh, weeds out the weak
Lest they be part, of well-knit clan
Hearth fires warm, protect them all
Old ones and young, all of them kin