Intro to Weapons and Armor
both Ancient and Modern
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Ancient Arms and Armor for recreation and re-creation
The roundshield is a good place to start in making your own martial equipment.
The above is my adaptation of a drawing I found in an old article in Viking arms and armor.
White oak or ash can be substituted for the Linden or Rowan, 3/8"; to 1/2"; thick.
I use waterproof carpenter's glue for the edge joints.
Miscellany on tools for armoring based on the contents of my shop.

1/4" grid desk blotter pad (22"; x 17";), drawing board, T-square, #2 pencils, dressmaker's tape measure, engineer's and architect scales,
protractor, set of French curves, set of drawing compasses.(CAD programs work wonders, but I ain't got the knack.)

Layout and patterning

permanant marker, poster cardstock (22" x 28"), scissors, carbon & tracing paper, china marker, metal scribe

Metal cutting

aviation or tin snips, cold chisel and hammer, hacksaw, sabresaw, cutting torch, power shears,
Beverly shear - any of these will do, with the latter two being quickest and quietest in my experience.

Leather/cloth cutting

razor knife, heavy shears, hole punch

Metal pounding

A claw hammer can do in a pinch, but much better are the following which have snuck into my tool chest over the years.
Ballpeens - 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 and 32 ounce
Crosspeens - 16 and 32 ounce
Sledges/Engineer hammers - 32, 48 and 64 ounce
Autobody/Sheetmetal forming hammers - 12 different head shapes
Farrier's hammer - 16 and 20 ounce
Mallets - rawhide, hardwood, plastic and brass
Homemade - various different headshapes (trailerhitch ball - 2 sizes, chasing hammers from big bolts - 3 sizes)
And So Forth.
You can NEVER have too many hammers!

Wright Pattern single horn - mine weighs 87 pounds, which is  3/4 hundredweight plus 3 pounds
(one hundrweight is 8 stone, AKA 112 pounds)
A homemade traveling anvil made of an 18" long piece of heavy rail
2 small cast steel jeweler's anvils
2 heavy machinest vices
2 heavy duty woodworker's vices
a B&D "Workmate" with benchdogs

More Info To Come!!!